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Ai Media Group Hosts Summer Kick Off Event at Google NY Office

Google and Ai Media Group Summer Kick Off

Target Audiences, Get Results!

On Wednesday June 9th, Google and Ai Media Group hosted their Summer Kick-Off Event to introduce target audiences to the world of machine learning and customer oriented marketing.

The event opened with a keynote from Google’s Brooke Taylor. She began with a personal story that illustrated the need for making the customer experience more personal. She also highlighted the significance in going from transactions to relationships, and using data to rethink the customers’ journey. Brooke ultimately posed three questions: How are you working together to break down team silos and changing incentives to put the customer first? How can you use audience data with machine learning to unlock value from more customers? Are you using customer insights to deliver better outcomes for your business?

After, Ai Media Group’s CEO, Sergio Alvarez, spoke about the company as a whole. Alvarez started by describing how the company began, going into depth about the roots of Ai Media Group. He continued with measurements and attributions, elaborating on the need to not guess or predict a customer’s journey, but to be able to see it. The path to consumption is essential for a company to understand their consumer. Next, Alvarez displayed several case studies, showing the success of this system. To allow the audience to get a better grasp on Ai Media Group, Alvarez went into depth about the technology that is utilized and the data it is able to obtain. He showed how Ai Media Group is able to see all the click attributions in real time across multiple channels such as Google, Bing, Facebook etc. Alvarez then showed how Ai Media Group is able to give credit to the correct websites that led customers to their purchase, rather than the other websites that seem like the first lead. Alvarez ended his talk with an interactive demo. He used a member of the audience, a computer, and a cell phone to show how precise the technology is, and how he is able to pinpoint a potential consumer in seconds.

The event closed with a question and answer session which was followed by a social and networking hour.

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