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The Great Wall of Commitment, Ai Media Group Signs their name on it.

On July 27, 2017, Ai Media Group gathered together to cut the red ribbon and unveiled the company’s new Commitment Wall. The Commitment Wall signifies each employee’s commitment and dedication to one another, the customers we serve and the Vision, Mission and Values that guide them. The Commitment Wall is proudly displayed in the hallway of Ai Media Group’s new offices in Midtown, Manhattan.

In order to reinforce their Vision, Mission, and Values statements, along with their plans and goals, Ai Media Group has several initiatives that are fully underway. Some of those include: · Rolling out a new process and organizational plan to better serve their employees and current clients, as well as help generate new business. · Implementing a newly formed cross company communications team, ‘V20’, that will keep the goals top of mind with their employees. · Installing the Commitment Wall; which makes a ‘visible and visual impact’ representing the constant commitment to make Ai Media Group better as a team and being - All In! Each initiative plays a key part in helping Ai Media Group reach its goals as a company. At their core, these initiatives are designed to help cultivate motivated, diligent employees that want the very best for each other and their clients. Ai Media Group believes that by starting from within, the relationships with each other form the basis for lasting customer relationships. The team assembled around the Commitment Wall to toast to their current accomplishments, and to a future of continued success. Throughout the evening, team members proudly signed their names on the Commitment Wall, and captured the moment with a group photo.

The Commitment Wall Ray Martes proudly signing the Wall

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