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AdWeek: Is the Agency of the Future still an Agency?

AdWeek of 2017 was littered with conversations on, “The Agency of the Future – or the Future of Agencies”. The opening panel on Monday, September 25th featured Ai Media Group’s very own CMO & Strategy Officer, Stephanie Anderson along with five other speakers: Jake Bamberger, Andrew Bailey, Tim Castree, Kelly Mooney, and Jeannine Falcone – all of whom are team members of leading agencies. All six panel members collaboratively used their experience and points of view to articulate the possible future of Advertising Agencies. One common theme was the fact that technology and data are here to stay, and humans, also known as “your people”, will be a huge factor in the more consultative approach agencies will soon need to take. Stephanie Anderson expressed feeling a little like Jerry McGuire, “more personal attention” with the key takeaway being a new term from Ai Media Group – Manuamatic. This is the combination of technology, or programmatic with human data-driven decision making. It is truly a winner! #manumatic #agencyfuture

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