How AI is Transforming the Hospitality Industry

When searching for a hotel, most people ask for recommendations or start with a simple search on Google. When guests have a positive experience during their stay, it increases their loyalty and drives recommendations and revenue for the hotel. AI is changing the hospitality industry and search entirely as it allows for more personalization, booking interaction, and price optimization.

If a hotel creates a personalized experience for a guest, they are more likely to return for another stay. A hotel can use AI to create personalized reward programs based on what a guest has preferred during their past visits. At Ai Media Group, we help our hotel and hospitality clients pinpoint their guest’s needs by analyzing how they search, following their user journey and even listening to incoming phone calls. By providing this information to our clients, they are able to address frequent concerns and tailor their website and messaging to appeal to the consumer’s interests. As you can see from the chart below presented by, content personalization is one of the top areas of AI spending today. It allows for hotels to cultivate stronger relationships with their guests and increases their loyalty.

For hotels, understanding occupancy patterns is very important. When should they increase advertising efforts? Are there events in the area that are going to attract more people than usual? AI can provide hotels with insight about these patterns and help them adjust their marketing efforts. For example, if there is a concert in town, rates and demand will increase however, if it’s during the off season, vacancies may rise and prices will drop to attract guests. Understanding these patterns allows AI to shift marketing efforts accordingly to maximize occupancy and revenue.

Marketing for hospitality is particularly competitive with the rise in aggregators that have significantly exacerbated marketing costs. At Ai Media Group, our patented technology allows us to track the full user path. This gives valuable insight into the user’s journey and the method in which they decide to book. It also provides a timeline of how long it takes for a guest to convert, so we can take steps to minimize that time frame, maximize efficiency and increase revenue.

Ai Media Group can also help prioritize any upgrade and or maintenance needs by recognizing which take precedence. By using occupancy data and guest feedback, we are able to see which changes need to be made first in order to provide the best return on investment.

All data that is collected, stored and analyzed can be used to increase competitive advantage. It can tell the story of a guest’s journey prior to booking a room, shed light on the intricacies of occupancy patterns and even create a better user experience. The predictions of sales leaders show that their use of AI will increase 155% percent in the next couple of years and that AI will reach critical mass by 2020 (Columbus, 2019). In the age of exponential technological expansion, it is easy to fall behind when pitted against other advertisers. Ai Media Group has merged the power of AI with a team of remarkable marketing professionals; combining the necessary skills to help transform the hospitality industry entirely.


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