Top Insights and Favorite Moments from #LeadGenWorld2020

For professionals looking to attend a marketing or advertising conference in today’s abundant landscape, they’ll quickly find that there is no shortage of events for prospective attendees. With hundreds of conferences happening across the country each year, marketers can enjoy a wealth of opportunities to learn, network, and increase brand awareness.

Choosing the right conference is extremely important considering the financial investment, time spent away from the office, and the diversion from one’s daily workflow. The skyrocketing number of conferences to choose from begs the question: how do you go about finding the events that best suit your specific business needs?

Growth Focused

If your specific goal is to find a conference focused on growth and lead generation, then it’s a ‘small world’ after all. The number of conferences that are historically most-rooted in growth in the lead gen space is fairly limited.

Lead Generation World

A new conference focused on lead generation emerged in 2020. The inaugural Lead Generation World (LGW) was held in Denver on January 19-21.

Lead Generation World is a conference series dedicated to lead generators, performance marketers, and the service providers that support those efforts. LGW’s intent is to bring together the brightest minds in the industry and those that want to improve their lead generation campaigns from creation to close.

After a successful debut event, Lead Generation World will continue to expand with another conference on October 18-20 in London, as well as a CEO Retreat on October 5-8 in Newport Beach.

The primary focus of Lead Generation World is to help Advertisers and Lead Buyers successfully navigate the lead generation ecosystem by providing highly-targeted and insightful content alongside exclusive networking opportunities with companies that can support their efforts.

Another important focus of the conference beyond just acquisition is the goal of promoting best practices, fostering trust, and following ethical as well as federal and state guidelines. That effort is additionally championed by the LeadsCouncil, an independent association, whose members are companies in the online lead generation industry from buyers to sellers, technology solution providers, and investment professionals.

Which Flavor?

Every conference has its own “flavor”, and the flavor of Lead Generation World is not vanilla or chocolate. It’s networking.

Networking is another key differentiator for a few conferences like this that are true networking events for many of the lead generation leaders in this space. For many conferences, a majority of the audience sit inside a conference room listening and learning to speakers and/or panel sessions. For others, it may be slightly less of the audience listening to the content while the rest are at an exhibitor booth. However, a majority of the time is devoted to consuming thought leadership content.

At networking events like this though, you’ll often find many attendees in one-on-one client/vendor meetings outside of the session rooms. That sometimes means that the presentations draw a smaller one-to-many crowd than other events. However, it truly fosters more conversations, whether in the expo hall, hotel bar, or coffee shop, than many other events. It simply allows you to better ‘connect’ to other service providers with business cards in hand.

Other than the networking opportunities, there were a lot of thought provoking sessions throughout the two-day event that included lead generation, digital marketing, and direct marketing strategies and tactics covering behavioral science, search, social, compliance, video, CRO, email, voice, marketing technology, SEO, and more. Many verticals had dedication sessions as well from mortgage to home services to insurance and more.

Have You Heard about Leveraging Audio as a Lead Gen Strategy?

Ai Media Group was well positioned to lead a discussion on yet another unique growth and lead generation opportunity. Our VP of Marketing, Kenneth “Shark” Kinney was a featured speaker on “How to Leverage Voice for Lead Generation.”

Kenneth Kinney speaking at Lead Generation World

With good reason, much of today’s narrative around voice is dominated in news cycles by stories about smart devices like Amazon’s Echo and Google Home. However, there are many more opportunities and much more to the disruption of how it can affect your leads and sales.
For example, voice strategies for lead generation require that you consider whether the voice-activated content from Alexa, Siri, or Google Home says you are the winner. These audio wars can create a deafening silence if you don’t win with the right tactics.

In the immortal words of Will Ferrell’s “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby” movie, if you ain’t first, you’re last.

During his session, some of the actionable strategies that “Shark” presented included:

  • Lead generation tactics for applying voice to optimizing advertising
  • Creating hyper local strategies for optimizing Alexa/Siri/Home and home devices
  • Implementing a best-in-class call intelligence strategy
  • Leveraging Podcasts to create thought leadership
  • Activating Voice SEO tactics proven to improve Content Marketing performance

Live Podcast

While at the event, “Shark” also hosted his highly-ranked top podcast, “A Shark’s Perspective” and recorded several episodes live at the venue.

Interviews included Jeff Kreisler, the bestselling author, the Editor-In-Chief of, a site devoted to leading the conversation about applied behavioral insights, a former standup comedian and performer, and the opening keynote speaker at Lead Generation World 2020. Check out the interview here.

“Shark” also interviewed Mike Ferree, the CEO and Founder of Lead Generation World; Rich Kahn, the CEO and Co-Founder of Anura; and JT Benton, the Founder and CEO of Workbook6. Check out the interview here.

Mike Ferree and Kenneth Kinney

Looking Back on Lead Generation World 2020

“Particularly for me, other than just taking the chance to share some helpful knowledge and serve a great audience as a speaker with actionable strategies and/or tactics, it is also just a great opportunity to reconnect with friends and thought leaders in the space and just share stories on how we can continue to move this industry forward,” said “Shark”. “We need more conferences like this one….not less. The more people in this space who can help move these efforts in the right direction, then the better. It’s always about serving the end customer correctly.”

For a recap of the event, check out the video from Lead Generation World.

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