Ai Media Group Featured in Expert Panel Attribution Discussion

Marketers today are under more pressure than ever to justify their advertising spend. Yet despite advances in technology, procuring accurate analytics continues to be one of the biggest struggles facing brands and agencies today.

With media consumption changing drastically due to global pandemic, brands and marketers have quickly learned that past historical models are not effective in comparing data for optimization year-over-year.

In a Designhill panel session, several experts, including our own Kenneth Kinney, will walk attendees through effectively measuring what works and what doesn’t in meeting and exceeding attribution goals.

Kinney will also discuss how brands can realize cross channel and real-time attribution leveraging Ai Media’s patented technology for optimizing campaign spend.

Kenneth Kinney, Ai Media Group’s VP of Marketing and Digital Strategy, host of “A Shark’s Perspective” podcast, and professional speaker, will join the panel to discuss, “How to Measure the ROI and Attribution of Business Marketing Spend.

The panel session is scheduled for February 26, 2021, and will be delivered virtually.

The agenda’s focus includes:

  • Measurement Marketing spend vs. Advertising spend
  • Leveraging data
  • Aligning C-suite with proper expectations and goals
  • Looking at soft metrics vs. hard metrics
  • Sales alignment
  • Tips and tricks to use for measurement

Joining the panel discussion along with Kinney will be Ginger Shimp of SAP, Deana Goldasich of Well Planned Web, and Michael Brenner of Marketing Insider Group.

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