Ai Media Group Featured on a Performance Marketing Cross Country Tour

As people continue to feel more comfortable in industry events as we emerge from the pandemic, the conference space continues to show more signs of life with more in-person conferences in 2021.

This includes the Industry Impact 2021 regional in-person events and a performance marketing cross country tour. Returning for a third year, LeadsCon and LeadsCouncil are bringing back the highly-rated in-person events for the Summer 2021.

Performance marketing experts and leaders will join the events in Kansas City on June 14, Memphis on June 17, Orlando on June 21, and Austin on June 24. Expert leaders will present important industry trends for the future, give updates on consent, and review all the changes we’ve seen over the last year.

The regional events also serve as a lead up to LeadsCon, which will take place in Las Vegas in October of 2021.

LeadsCon is one of the premier industry events that connects performance marketers with the lead gen community to navigate the future of the industry. Executive-level speakers provide new strategies and unique insights to start nurturing and converting more quality leads with two days of networking and content featuring the top experts in lead gen and performance marketing arena.

The LeadsCouncil is an independent association, whose members are companies in the online lead generation industry from buyers to sellers, technology solution providers and investment professionals. All members are united in a common goal of promoting best practices and fostering trust regardless of vertical.

Kenneth Kinney, Ai Media Group’s VP of Marketing and Digital Strategy, host of “A Shark’s Perspective” podcast, and professional speaking at all four regional events. He is also a member of the LeadsCouncil.

Kinney’s presentation, “Fearless Marketing and LeadGen,” will focus on how a leadgen expert looks at how marketers and advertisers can fearlessly make decisions in order to help them break free of habits limiting their performance marketing growth and better ways to help improve the customer experience. Kinney will also speak about his passion for fearlessly swimming with sharks.

The conference and venue will enforce local safety protocols and follow CDC guidelines for attendees and exhibitors at the events.

If you’re ready to meet face-to-face, then we definitely hope to see you there!

Get tickets to any and all of the regional events and find out more here.