For most performance marketers, affiliate marketing has become an integral component of the marketing mix. However, it has needed a better way of bringing transparency to a non-branded audience into brands without overlapping branded keywords for paid advertising.

Our approach to Branded Affiliate Marketing gives clients larger access to the best affiliate platforms and partners while maintaining complete transparency in order to enable front and center positioning to their most critical audiences. We do this all while bringing accountability and results to digital media buying.

We view brand affiliate marketing as a key performance driver and a necessary component for breaking into challenging markets.

Our channel specialists offer unmatched expertise with focus on continuous optimizations, competitive insights, and overall program management all while working along with your other marketing efforts. We develop a customized cross-device design to maximize conversions and flexibility for all clients and verticals.

Our patented attribution technology can easily recognize and accredit quality leads that begin with Brand Affiliate marketing efforts and end with conversion. This provides better insight into your campaign performance with little to no development work required on your end.