How New Digital Privacy Laws Will Impact Your Marketing Plan

As governments across the world react to global scandals such as the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data breach, more and more countries, including the U.S., are rolling out privacy laws to protect the personal identifying information (PII) of digital citizens. Read more on

Why Attribution Is All That Should Matter in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a bright new frontier in business advertising. Just a few decades ago, platforms like radio, print and television were the primary options for marketing our products — but today, the digital options are almost endless. Read more on

Ai Media Group Featured on a Performance Marketing Cross Country Tour

As people continue to feel more comfortable in industry events as we emerge from the pandemic, the conference space continues to show more signs of life with more in-person conferences in 2021. This includes the Industry Impact 2021 regional in-person events and a performance marketing cross country tour. Returning for a third year, LeadsCon and […]

Advanced Intelligence Show – Star Rota, Ai Media Group

Star Rota, Insights Director, and Kenneth Kinney, VP of Marketing and Digital Strategy, discuss leveraging data to create actionable insights for better use in marketing and advertising. Kenneth Kinney 0:13Alright, Star, welcome to the Advanced Intelligence Show. We’re going to talk a lot about data and insights today. Really excited because we’re very heavy as […]

Ai Media Group to Lead at Lead Generation World – London

One of the first major global lead generation conference events of 2021 will be Lead Generation World – London, taking place virtually on May 17-21. Ai Media Group, with its recognized expertise in the performance marketing space, will continue to provide thought leadership to help companies drive growth. Lead Generation World is the home for […]

Ai Media Group Leads Clients Through Google Third-Party Cookie Changes

By Joel Citron, Vice President of Advertising Technologies Third party cookies allow advertisers to track users from one site to the next and send them targeted advertising based upon their browsing history. Other than the inherent cross site security risks, third-party cookies are not respectful of a user’s privacy, and many browsers are blocking them. […]