Channel Expertise

As a tech powered, performance driven growth agency, Ai Media group delivers a unique combination of a proprietary advertising technology and a team of seasoned digital professionals. These characteristics have positioned Ai Media Group as one of the top digital media companies in the United States and a sought after thought leader.

Having delivered outstanding returns for some of the world’s leading brands we have developed a track record of performance and a keen awareness of the nuances that make each industry prosper. Gaining this perspective allows Ai to quickly achieve a competitive advantage for clients while other agencies and tech companies can take years finding their way. We have sharpened our approach over the years, applying learnings from all industries to innovate, fuel strategy and increase revenue.

  • Deep understanding of each industry’s social, technological, and regulatory environments
  • Human capital with vast experience working at all levels in key verticals
  • A track record of delivering increased ROI performance
  • Insight development that drives innovation and growth strategies
  • Trusted advisor status with backing from Blackstone, one of the world’s largest private equity firms
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Due to the rapidly changing environment and acceleration of technology, Higher Education is currently facing seismic changes. Ai Media Group is at the center of this disruption, leveraging our experience to help clients navigate and thrive. With the rise of stealth applicants and pressure to achieve enrollment targets we employ our attribution technology to help clients gain full visibility into the user journey. This allows Ai to deliver tracking and communications that influence prospective students to enroll at a lower cost-per-lead, cost-per-application, and cost-per-start. We achieve this while also delivering insights to target students that have a higher propensity to succeed, helping to elevate retention and graduation rates.

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With the easing of travel restrictions, the hospitality industry is seeing an uptick in bookings, with the trend towards local trips and sustainability reshaping the industry. Digital guest experiences are also having a major impact as contactless technology is playing a larger role. This trend towards digital accentuates the need for Ai’s attribution tracking for a holistic view of marketing performance. Understanding time and touches to convert, revenue by promotion, revenue by offer, and revenue by room type is paramount for a successful campaign. Ai’s broad experience in this vertical is helping clients pivot to accommodate the needs of customers and specific generational requirements.

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The advent of 5G technology and the demand to support remote working, remote learning and remote collaboration have been major influencers in the industry. As Gartner predicted, more than 85% of customer interactions are now powered without any human interaction. With large user bases, the need for analytics and performance metrics plays a major role in managing risk and delivering performance. Ai provides a complete digital view for clients that supports data-driven decision-making related to average return per user, subscriber acquisition cost and customer churn metrics.

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Technology development, particularly in digitization and automation of travel, has been a trend redefining the industry. With the demand for quicker response times, personalization, enhanced communications and travel expertise, Ai has the technology to track the consumer journey from inception to conversion, helping assess and improve form fills, bookings, and calls. With a research and decision-making period that can take up to two months, the need to be visible at every stage of the journey is critical to securing more revenue. Ai can optimize and boost tactics that are yielding the best ROI, in real-time.