Consumer Electronics

Panasonic Laptops

Panasonic is one of the largest multinational electronics producers, headquartered in Japan.


Ai Media Group was given the task of increasing the number of qualified leads being directed to Panasonic’s corporate website, to ultimately drive sales for products such as Toughbook laptops.


Among all the tactics implemented for this campaign, Paid Search efforts naturally drove the best results, as it is an integral Direct Response tactic. Ai Media Group increased their bids on exact match keywords and applied extended sitelinks, which made a world of difference for those searching and browsing on the Panasonic website. Exact match keywords led users directly to the Panasonic website, while extended sitelinks ensured users were landing on the pages they were searching for. The Click Through Rate saw
a tremendous increase of 315%, the Cost Per Click decreased by roughly 60%, and the bounce rate continues to improve year over year. The extended sitelinks also improved Panasonic’s quality score by providing users with more search options to choose from. These adjustments enhanced the user journey in a massive way.

The Panasonic Toughbooks Search campaign also secured the benefits of these modifications, with a 30% increase in Click Through Rate and an 80% decrease in Cost Per Lead.








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