Consumer Electronics

Panasonic AMS Men’s Shavers

Panasonic is one of the largest multinational electronics producers, headquartered
in Japan.


Ai Media Group was given the task of increasing Amazon sales during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Competitors like Braun and Phillips had sizeable budgets throughout the year. However, Ai Media Group was compelled to be efficient with the budget during this spend-peak timeframe. The overall goal was to not only increase sales, but to create a 200% Return on Advertising Spend.


Ai Media Group divided each Panasonic product into three different campaigns within a range of tactics: search, display and shopping. Each were set with three types of keywords: branded, generic and competitor. This allowed for vital insight into which keywords performed best while working within budget constraints. Once the top performing campaigns were identified, budget was allocated accordingly.

Ai Media Group closely monitored performance to ensure the best results. During this competitive timeframe, we were able to generate over $250K in revenue with a 343% ROAS – exceeding the benchmark set by Panasonic.


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