Icon Parking

Icon Parking Systems and Quick Park is the largest parking provider in New York City with 300+ Locations and over 1 million users.


Prior to working with Ai Media Group, Icon Parking was unable to match revenue back to their marketing efforts, and had no way of determining an ROI. Icon Parking also could not identify which tactics were profitable, so they used the Cost Per Lead as their single, viable metric.


With our patented technology, Ai Media Group was able to track each individual user and the coupons they generated. We then used the data we captured and compared it to the information in Icon Parking’s data base. This allowed Ai Media to report to the client, exactly how many coupon acquisitions came through our marketing efforts. For the first time, Icon Parking was able to calculate a true ROI, down to each individual garage.

Ai Media Group continues to exceed Icon Parking’s expectations by optimizing their campaigns, and providing genuine revenue attribution.






Cost per Lead