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Bozboz wins Campaign's Cover Hack

Brighton-based digital agency Bozboz win Campaign's cover-wrap creative competition - judged by Claire Beale, Jonathan Mildenhall and David Droga

Has Campaign undergone another redesign inspired by the new year? That’s our winning cover wrap designed by Bozboz, a small digital marketing agency b...

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5 Basic Attribution Questions Every Marketer Must Ask

Attribution—the way we assign credit to various points of the customer journey—is a complex mixture of art and (computer) science. That doesn’t mean, though, that digital marketers need to get into the technological weeds when it comes to discussing attribution methodology. On the contrary, th...

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Going For Olympic Gold In Digital Marketing

Digital marketers will face a monumentally noisy summer in attracting the attention of engaged consumers.

A heated, contentious U.S. presidential race complete with wall-to-wall news coverage of the Democratic and Republican conventions will dominate the news media this summer. Savvy political med...

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Relationships & Results Before Contracts: How to Win More Business

The way businesses buy from and sell to each other has changed.

First, customers have become more demanding, insisting on more complex, customized solutions—with different levels of sales support. Companies accustomed to selling products and walking away are being forced to prove how they add re...

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