Our Technology

Ai Media Group uses patented advertising technology to analyze real-time data and track the user’s digital journey. Our mission is to provide cutting-edge technology that delivers simple yet compelling data insights solutions. We give our clients full access to real-time results gathered by our proprietary technology so clients can make changes with speed and confidence.

Our advertising technology provides data in a way that helps marketers easily understand the results of multi-channel campaigns and multi-touch attribution. This allows them to make informed decisions about their media spend, media mix modeling, and segmentation/targeting. All of these marketing activities are tracked and tie into Ai Media Group’s customer journey analytics reporting and insights.

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Our Approach

Our approach uniquely positions us to capitalize on the convergence of advertising and marketing technologies layered with the human element to help drive digital sales for our clients. Teaming the human brain with programmatic technology leads to smarter marketing decisions. Our technology works like programmatic, but our people make it Manumatic. With a Manumatic approach, a programmatic system is backed by human intelligence to keep the results in check.

Our technology solution does not require any major development work or large setup budgets to integrate advertising and marketing technologies. We strive to make the implementation easy so you can focus on your business.

Our Methodology

Successful online marketing campaigns require a multi-faceted approach. By being device and network agnostic, we can traverse the entire web optimizing where you show up, ensuring optimized performance for the length of your efforts and leading your buyer to your door. The team at Ai Media Group creates a unique strategy for each client, combining SEO and social-media presence with traditional online marketing methods (search, display, mobile) that reach target audiences, obtain lead goals, and get results. We achieve an average 35% ROI increase for our clients.

Our Attribution

Ourmarketing automation platform coupled with our Universal ID and Graph Manager allows us to stitch the path to conversion using Deterministic & Probabilistic data modeling with key data attributes. Our attribution system allows for the most effective optimization of advertising spend. Our systems see and react to the first keyword (and all keywords) a user searched throughout their consumer journey —even if the initial search was months prior to the conversion. A combination of our hashed IP Capture technology coupled with cohorts from different networks makes it possible to continually market to users who change from one device to another during their path to conversion. Our Universal ID system tieseach conversion back to geography, network, hashed device IDs, and keywords for the most effective campaign optimization.


Ai Media Group’s next generation attribution, data insights & visualization platform, Atrilyx™ is our new attribution solution providing clients access to an Omnichannel, unified dashboard that provides a single source of truth.

From website traffic to ads and keywords, Atrilyx™ provides a single login to not only view which ads are running, but also view who clicked on them and which path they took post click. Atrilyx™ provides a seamless path to tracking, reporting, and analyzing marketing attribution data. All with one pixel and one dashboard. Atrilyx™ is built to action Privacy and Compliance for individuals using the UID for CCPA, GDPR, HIPAA. No Personally identifiable information (PII) data is passed into our platform, as it is hashed and stripped at the ETL and Marketing Platform level.

Ai Trends is our custom Business Intelligence reporting platform.

Our market-leading attribution and Omnichannel data generated by Atrilyx™ presents your marketing performance in a format that is exactly what your C-Suite is looking for. Depending on your needs, we can build tailored reports, provide custom data & attribution modeling, enable external data integrations with your backend platforms (Salesforce, Hubspot & Shopify, among others) and enable full-funnel tracking from the initial click all the way through to conversion. 

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Our proprietary tracking systems are developed with our clients in mind for fast and easy deployment. This allows for a quick, seamless launch. AiConnect™ has the ability to create a bespoke tracking solution for each client. With AiConnect™, the tracking implementation is seamless.

AiConnect’s™ integrated call tracking gives businesses an accurate Return on Investment by dynamically routing calls based on data captured before the call (e.g., campaign, calling page, location, language, etc.) to connect callers to the right agent and reduce time spend in the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. Call tracking data is attributed to call conversions in real-time and allows us to create targetable audiences by integrating call analytics into Google Ads, Facebook, Salesforce, Adobe Experience Cloud, Google Analytics, and more.

The tracking provided by AiConnect™, enables us to show which ads are bringing in calls and web leads and allows us to analyze relevant data (call count, website visits time of user interaction, bounce rates, caller ID, routing information, and call quality). Clients have access to this live data through Ai Media Group’s attribution, data insights & visualization platform, Atrilyx™.

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