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Berkeley College

Both online and in-person enrollments were a struggle for this client and nailing down an approach to achieve them at scale required a strategic media plan with a holistic vision. Our plan set out to drive broader awareness and push qualified traffic to their site that would lead to form fills and enrollments.

Our 360° media mix leveraged a full-funnel approach across Paid Search, Display, Social, and YouTube, utilizing strategic creatives and tapping into hyper-targeted audiences. Layered on top of low-funnel lead driving tactics, campaigns on YouTube gained significant momentum by reaching target audiences outside of the traditional search-based tactics Berkeley was previously relying on, driving incremental brand awareness and scaling the audience pool. In addition to increasing brand search volume, YouTube’s remarketing campaign drove 95% of retargeting campaign leads.


Return on Ad Spend increased by 23%


Click Through Rates increased by 169%


Over a two-year period, we delivered over 4,000 qual- ified applicants to Berkeley, exceeding their goals


Quality Lead Volume increased by 10%


maintained a 6.6% conversion rate


Hard Rock Intl.

A well-known global restaurant brand renowned as a sanctum for music, remembered for its memorabilia and great experiences centered around meals, Hard Rock was seeking to remain top of mind for its previous visitors as well as new ones. In a hyper-competitive industry where everyone is fighting for share of voice and wallet, they were looking to stand out.  

We developed campaigns centered around the sentiment that aside from food, Hard Rock offers lasting and memorable experiences for tourists. Aside from messaging that was targeting tourists, we also produced ads that would resonate with their loyal and local customers.

We put two campaigns into market via holistic strategies that spanned Programmatic Display, Paid Social, Connected TV, Targeted Shopping, and Paid Search:

Campaign 1 Objective:

Get Tourists and Locals to book lunch and dinner reservations.

Campaign 2 Objective:

Get large groups and organizations to book space for events.

Across both campaigns we were able to:


Drive a 310% YoY boost in sales



Improve Cost Per Lead by ↓74%


Increase Quality Lead Volume by ↑279%



Increase Return on Ad Spend by ↑52%


Mediacom, the fifth largest cable provider in the US delivering broadband products in 22 states, was looking to increase its internet, TV, and phone sales in smaller cities across the country. Facing heavy competition from other local telecom and satellite providers, we put a plan in place to drive at least 400 leads per day.  

Our full-funnel media strategy spanned across Display, Programmatic, YouTube, and Paid Search with the goal of hyper-targeting relevant prospects in localized areas and prompting them to fill out a lead form.

After switching over from their previous agency and working with us, Mediacom's conversion rate increased by nearly 50% and their Cost Per Lead improved by 33%.

We have continued to drive leads effectively for this client over the last 8 years, increasing media spend along the way.


Mediacom's conversion rate increased by nearly 50%


Cost Per Lead improved by 33%

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Ai Media Group’s patented advertising
technology tracks the user’s full customer
journey, so marketers can easily understand
the impact of their multi-channel efforts and
allow for the most effective optimization of
media spend.

Our marketing attribution platform utilizes
a cross-device Universal ID and Graph
Manager that allows us to track the full path
to conversion by using a deterministic &
probabilistic data modeling with key data
attributes, while at the same time addressing
all new Privacy laws.

 The proprietary attribution
platform we developed to
better serve our team is
now available for our clients
With Atrilyx, you will be able to:

Attribute all touch points

Track all touchpoints in the customer journey and gain back control of your campaigns.

Optimize conversion paths

See your top converting marketing paths and scale faster by eliminating wasted ad spend.

Improve CPA & ROI

Make better decisions by analyzing the indirect and organic impact of all your channels.

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