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Award-winning digital marketing powered by attribution

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We fully immerse ourselves to deliver breakthrough results.


2-Times Google Agency Cup Winner

Top Advertising Company
United States, 2023

Backed by The Blackstone Group

“Ai’s attribution allowed us to finally recognize revenue from our call center associated to digital. We now know what properties needed the most”

“When we tested them, they repeatedly beat the other competing agency. Their performance was superior”

“Ai integrated with our legacy CRM allowing us to see what our LTV was per client! We now know what properties needed the most help”

Our Technology

Ai Media Group’s patented advertising technology tracks the user’s full customer journey, so marketers can easily understand the impact of their multi-channel efforts and allow for the most effective optimization of media spend.

Our marketing attribution platform utilizes a cross-device Universal ID and GraphManager that allows us to track the full path to conversion by using deterministic & probabilistic data modeling with key data attributes, while at the same time addressing all new Privacy laws.

The proprietary attribution platform we developed to better serve our team is now available for our clients.

Attribute all touchpoints

Track all touchpoints in the customer journey and gain back control of your campaigns.

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Optimize conversion paths

See your top converting marketing paths and scale faster by eliminating wasted ad spend.

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Improve CPA & ROI

Make better decisions by analyzing the indirect and organic impact of all your channels.

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Expert extension of your team

Get your own dedicated expert who will provide you with key insights every step of the way.

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About Us

Strategically Driven

We work backward from where you want to go and get there fast.

Guaranteed Performance

We guarantee revenue growth on same dollar spend.

Trusted Partners

Our team has one belief: your success is our success.

Watch what makes us different

Grow your business with us.

Watch what makes us different

Grow your business with us.

Watch what makes us different

Grow your business with us.

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