Time Warner Business, Brighthouse & Charter were faced with the challenge of merging 3 brands under a new name, Spectrum Enterprise, within a short time frame. They needed a digital strategy that would increase their brand recognition and leverage their unified brand messaging to drive engagement and subscribers at efficient costs


Ai Media Group executed buys across search, display and programmatic enforcing the message that Spectrum Enterprise was now the leading telecom service provider. As a result, the company was able to see a lift on engagement and an increase of total leads. Additionally, Ai successfully implemented search remarketing to support brand and generic efforts and to increase overall conversion rates. Ai Media Group was able to meet and surpass client expectations during the transition and decreased overall CPL by 48% from TWCBC-MM (Average $1,400 in 2016) to the new Spectrum Enterprise brand (Average $722 in 2017) Ai Media Group also managed to increase total lead volume by 25%. Prior to the transition, 2016 had 2,230 total leads vs 2,797 in 2017 through May Conversion rates have shown improvement increasing from 0.42% in 2016 to 1.74% to 2017