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What you’ll get–

other than guaranteed revenue growth on the same ad spend. 

In this definitive guide to cracking the omnichannel code, you’ll learn that: 


Of marketers believe that attribution is essential or very important for driving marketing success.


Companies using advanced attribution models achieve 17% higher revenue growth compared to those who didn't.


Of marketers who implemented attribution reported increased or significantly increased ROI.

Why attribution matters

Best practices for and the basics of attribution

Why network data can’t be trusted

Where overspending and underperforming happens

Why following prospects through every step of the purchase journey matters

Optimizing marketing strategies with attribution

More is more.

You’ll also walk away with key insights, tips, and resources, including:

The people behind the book.

We’re Ai Media Group, a Blackstone-backed marketing agency and two-time Google Agency Cup winner created to help companies drive real results. It’s all thanks to our proprietary tool and amazing team of experts. It’s how we’ve achieved amazing performance for some of the world’s most respected brands.

Download the eBook

Some of our biggest fans

A sampling of Ai Media Group's clients.

Cashing in on attribution

Boost your bottom line.

Download the eBook

See how cracking the media attribution code opens the door to double-digit increases in return on ad spend for marketers. Get the eBook today.

We can’t go back in time, but we can learn how our patented technology and experienced team can take your marketing results to the next level. Reach out to book a time to chat.

Ready to generate results, starting yesterday?

How to increase marketing ROI by 30% with media attribution

Discover how companies like Oscar de la Renta, Hard Rock Cafe, and Spectrum Enterprises grow their customer base–without growing ad spend. Download our eBook and see how implementing a solid media attribution strategy can yield unrivaled results.

A Comprehensive eBook Guide

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