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Our EDU Clients

Berkeley College

Berkeley College is a private institution with campuses in New York and New Jersey, offering graduate and undergraduate degrees and certificate programs.


Google Display Network
Paid Search
YouTube Ads
Paid Social
Landing Pages


Our 360° media mix leveraged a full-funnel approach across Paid Search, Display, Social, and YouTube, utilizing strategic creatives and tapping into hyper-targeted audiences. The omnichannel approach, combined with our attribution technology, enabled us to gain a holistic understanding of the customer journey and the impact of each platform on driving results. This strategy allowed us to make data-driven decisions regarding the allocation of advertising spend, ensuring that the budget was invested in the channels that generated the highest return on investment.


Our targeted approach increased awareness and spiked an overall surge in enrollments. The YouTube campaign gained significant traction by reaching potential audiences outside of traditional search methods. It increased brand awareness during the pre-enrolment seasons throughout the year. In addition, remarketing on YouTube resulted in 95% of all remarketing campaign leads.

Conversion Rate Increase


Internet Search Orders


Decrease in CPL


CTR Increase



Both online and in-person enrollments were a struggle for this client, and nailing down an approach to achieve them at scale required a strategic media plan with a holistic vision. Our team set out to drive broader awareness and push qualified traffic to their site that would lead to form fills and enrollments.

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