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Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta is a world-leading fashion House renowned for its iconic designs, exquisite craftsmanship, and global influence in the world of luxury fashion. For over half a century, the brand has dressed and remains a favorite of exceptional women and arbiters of style including Taylor Swift, Doja Cat and Dr. Jill Biden.


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We deployed our patented advertising technology, Atrlyx, to help Oscar de la Renta (ODLR) better understand their customers’ journeys and obtain a comprehensive view of how each of their channels contributes to revenue generation.


Armed with this valuable data, we swiftly optimized ODLR’s multi-channel efforts and made informed decisions regarding media spend. We accurately mapped ODLR’s customers’ path to conversion by employing deterministic and probabilistic data modeling while ensuring compliance with privacy laws. 


Leveraging our forecasting model, we strategically aligned media buys to complement ODLR’s impressive organic performance. This cohesive approach allowed us to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and drive impactful results.


We helped ODLR restructure Meta, refocus on Google, and adjust budgets to more strategically fill their funnel and drive conversions.


By updating targeting and adding richer lookalikes, we optimized lead gen spending to drive revenue. We only needed to increase ad spend by 10% to net a 93% improvement.

Increased ROAS for social lead gen campaigns


Increased Return on ad spend


Increased ROAS on Google 



There is no shortage of challenges luxury fashion houses must overcome when translating their in-store experiences to the online space. They need to stand out in a saturated space, keep pace with the latest marketing technology, adapt to changing consumer behavior, and effectively leverage data. 


Oscar de la Renta lacked visibility in understanding how each of its various channels contributed to revenue generation. They couldn’t see the customer journey holistically across channels, resulting in missed opportunities and sub-optimal spend allocations.


Ai Media helped Oscar de la Renta meet these challenges head-on. Our data-driven approach and proprietary attribution technology have helped Oscar de la Renta improve their return on ad spend by 93%


Drive a 50% increase in return on ad spend

Get a clear picture of how each owned channel contributes to overall revenue



“Ai Media Group is an invaluable partner”

“ Ai Media has been a key partner during this time, providing clear insights into the attribution of each digital channel and stage of the funnel. They reviewed our business holistically, and made sure our digital strategies supported our larger company goals. 


The Ai Media team has gone above and beyond as a strategic partner to us, supporting both the day to day oversight of campaigns and helping to shape our larger digital marketing roadmap.”

Alex Bolen

Chief Executive Officer

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