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Amrit Residences

Amrit Residences, high end luxury condominiums in West Palm Beach, FL.


Paid Search
Paid Social


Ai Media Group launched campaigns that included search and social tactics to both create awareness for Amrit Residences and convert users who were already prepared to purchase a condominium.


In four months, Ai Media Group achieved multiple sales that were directly attributed to Ai Media Group's multifaceted digital campaigns. Those sales resulted in $8.2MM+ in condominium sales with a ROAS of 114x.

Increased Conversation Rate


Return On Ad Spend


Exceeding Goals & Projections



Amrit Residences faced challenges creating awareness for their lavish, new construction condominiums that start at $1.5 million dollars. Amrit Residences also looked to Ai Media Group to drive sales for their condos, through digital marketing efforts. 

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